Virtual Dance Classes

Be inspired in structured professional dance classes with patient and experienced teachers. All students progress in a caring, inspiring, and supportive atmosphere to reach their greatest potential while building confidence, self-awareness, artistry and technique. Students are thoughtfully placed according to their individual ability so they can perform to their personal best.

Protocols for In-Studio Classes 

2020 Virtual Class Schedule 

2020 Summer Session — June 

Online Classes

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Thank you so much Lori—  Alexandra was so excited today when she remembered she had musical theater! She really enjoyed class yesterday.

—(Apr 2020)

Hi Ms. Courtney,
How are you? I hope you are well. Thank you so much for the class this morning, I enjoyed and definitely needed it. I thought everything went really well, except that I had trouble hearing. Other than that, it went smoothly for me. Thank you so much again.

—Warmly, Maddie (Mar 2020)

I hope Lydia will give you her feedback, but I wanted to say thank you! It really was so good for her soul to dance with you today. Thank you both! Hope you and your families are staying healthy and happy.

—Kate (Mar 2020)

Hi Heather,
I thought that the class went really well and I really enjoyed it! It was great to dance with Miss Courtney and the company again. Miss Courtney’s set up was great and her combinations were very small space friendly. I really appreciate all of the effort you and Miss Courtney are putting into this and making sure that we continue to train over this break. Thank you and stay healthy,

—Maia A. (Mar 2020)

Virtual Dancers at Work

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Adrienne sent this time-lapse video of her virtual workout.