This is our first year at Cleveland City Dance and we couldn’t be happier. We take Miss Meghann’s Saturday morning pre-ballet class and she is phenomenal. She is so patient and encouraging and has really helped my 3.5 yr old blossom into a confident little dancer. Highly recommend!

—Amanda Brown (Mar 2019)

Ms Megan is wonderful with the children, teaching self love, discipline, balance, endurance, beauty and culture. All the teachers there care for the students and seem to impart earnest instruction and effort.

—Michael Bell (Feb 2019)

We started last summer with CCD and we love it. It is very diverse and Mrs. Megan is the best. She really works well with the students to get them to understand their techniques.

—Pauline Reid (Jan 2019)

“I just started adult ballet this year with CCD! I am so happy I did. I was so nervous when I signed up, and am glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. The teachers are knowledgeable and fun, and the class really kind! Everyone is happy to be there and to be learning together.”

— Katja Alexandria comment from CCD’s Facebook page

As a mother of a young daughter, I cannot express enough how Cleveland City Dance strives to create an environment of creativity/technique, nurturing, and support. Ms. Courtney and her instructors represent dedication and passion for their craft. Their instruction goes beyond the studio and stage as they educate young women and men on healthy lifestyle choices and the understanding of what it takes to be a dancer and be part of a community. To witness first hand the beauty that Courtney creates from our children is unmatchable to any other. It is a pure joy and humbling experience to watch these young dancers perform and see the results of their hard work. Bravo to all at Cleveland City Dance.

— Hillary (2017)

My daughter has been taking classes here for 7 years. The teachers push her to be her best every day in a kind and supportive way. She cannot wait to get to dance class each and every day. Truly a positive experience.

— Heather P (3/2/16)

You inspired me in ballet and I still love ballet from 25 years ago( but who’s counting??) and my tutu love still beats strong !! ;-)

— Melissa (2/19/16)

Dear Ms. Jill,
We are so very sorry to miss the last day of your class.... You have been a fabulous teacher to our daughter. Your amazing patience and skill has engaged Virginia into an art form she might not have otherwise appreciated — it has given her confidence and more than two years of enjoyment. We tell everyone we know about you even if they are not remotely interested in ballet — who knows, they may be pleasantly surprised to find the gem that we have found. We will see you at the school in the fall....

— Warm regards,
Sarah, Sam and Virginia

My 6 year old daughter has been enjoying ballet and tap and jazz classes at Cleveland City Dance since she was 3 years old. I was so impressed with Cleveland City Dance’s approach. For the young beginners the studio emphasized rhythm, coordination and flexibility before advancing to traditional dance instruction. We both have loved her experience with Cleveland City Dance.

— Anna Raske

From my early childhood through my adolescent years, my upbringing was surrounded by personal and familial ties to the world of dance and ballet in particular. It was important for me to have my daughters receive the same quality of instruction and gain an appreciation for the art as well. Through extensive research and inquiry, I was fortunate to locate Cleveland City Dance. The structure and professionalism of their studio and instructors support the integrity of their overall mission — encouraging children to reach their individual potential and uphold a genuine passion for dance. I am delighted my children are part of such a reputable organization and know that in the years ahead rich opportunities and engaging experiences will continue to await them.

— Mrs. Gabram (10/12)

My granddaughter, Kendall Campbell, was in Ms. Regina’s preschool class and had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend the studio to others.

— Nancy Jones (7/12)

I wanted to thank you so much for really trying to give us the opportunity to take more classes, and for Amy to be in Company..., we have truly appreciated every effort you have made on our behalf. Peter & I are thrilled with the level of instruction the girls received this past year, and know that they are in the best hands at your studio.

— Karen

Eleven year old Brier Bracken, who was cast in multiple roles in the production shares her experience, explaining how this project benefited both her and her family: “I have been dancing since I was three years old. Ballet allows me to express my feelings through my body. After school, when I am angry or happy or sad, I put all of that emotion into my dancing and I leave every ballet class feeling peaceful and ready for life. I hope to be a professional ballerina when I grow up.

Just three years ago, I lived in Kentucky and studied with the Louisville Ballet alongside professional dancers. When my mother and father told me we had to move to Cleveland, I was very mad. I did not want to leave my ballet training. In addition, I wanted the opportunity to perform. I was worried because I thought Cleveland did not have a professional classical ballet company or school and that I wouldn't be able to learn or dance or perform. But I shouldn’t have worried because Cleveland City Dance offers me great training from professional ballet dancers.

The opportunity to perform in a full-length Nutcracker was a dream come true. I have always hoped of being a party-girl! The day I saw the casting notice and learned that I was a party-girl, I almost cried with happiness. Then, putting on my beautiful costume for the first time made me smile so much, I couldn't believe it. It was the happiest most wonderful moment of my life!”

— Brier B.

Evan had the following to say about the class:

Mr. Marks class is very fun. I take it with two boys, James and John. We do plies,demi plies, tendues and more things. He’s very nice, intelligent and kind. The things I learned in class helped me with my sports like Baseball, swimming, basketball and Karate. I look forward to taking class again this fall.

From my perspective:

The boys class has given my son a new perspective on dance and he really looks forward to his Friday lesson. I have seen an increased awareness of his body that has proved to be most helpful in his sports performance. I am grateful for the opportunity Evan has to explore the arts in a fun and well structured environment. The solid basics that he is learning will allow him to enjoy the arts for a lifetime.

Evan is thinking about auditioning. He is a bit nervous, LOL!