If you want a place that respects children as children and does not have them do choreography that is cheap and over sexualizes children, this is it. They teach dance as an ongoing process and do not fall into the performance trap. You can choose whether or not your child is in a recital and then fees are reasonable. Some places put little girls in grown up music video costumes and then charge you a lot of money for the performance space and the costumes. This is the place to learn classical ballet and much more.

—ann williams (Jan 2019)

This is a family affair for generations:

Cleveland City Dance Studio has been a wonderful home base for me since it opened at Shaker Square in 2007. Director Courtney Laves-Mearini and I go back much longer ago than that though. I knew her when she danced with Cleveland Ballet and taught classes at the Wilson-Aldophi studio. I enjoyed her classes and style of teaching. So, when she bought the Wilson-Adolphi studio and moved to Shaker Square, I went with her.

I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy taking classes with people of different ages. It is fun to see and dance with my retired friends as well other adults and professional dancers and dance instructors. However, one of my greatest joys is watching the pre-professional students grow and develop over the years. And during the last several years, I have been able to watch two of my grandchildren progress in their ballet classes.

—Karen B. Kirby (Apr 2019)

This is our first year at Cleveland City Dance and we couldn’t be happier. We take Miss Meghann’s Saturday morning pre-ballet class and she is phenomenal. She is so patient and encouraging and has really helped my 3.5 yr old blossom into a confident little dancer. Highly recommend!

—Amanda Brown (Mar 2019)

Ms Megan is wonderful with the children, teaching self love, discipline, balance, endurance, beauty and culture. All the teachers there care for the students and seem to impart earnest instruction and effort.

—Michael Bell (Feb 2019)

We started last summer with CCD and we love it. It is very diverse and Mrs. Megan is the best. She really works well with the students to get them to understand their techniques.

—Pauline Reid (Jan 2019)

“I just started adult ballet this year with CCD! I am so happy I did. I was so nervous when I signed up, and am glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. The teachers are knowledgeable and fun, and the class really kind! Everyone is happy to be there and to be learning together.”

— Katja Alexandria comment from CCD’s Facebook page

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Evan had the following to say about the class:

Mr. Marks class is very fun. I take it with two boys, James and John. We do plies,demi plies, tendues and more things. He’s very nice, intelligent and kind. The things I learned in class helped me with my sports like Baseball, swimming, basketball and Karate. I look forward to taking class again this fall.

From my perspective:

The boys class has given my son a new perspective on dance and he really looks forward to his Friday lesson. I have seen an increased awareness of his body that has proved to be most helpful in his sports performance. I am grateful for the opportunity Evan has to explore the arts in a fun and well structured environment. The solid basics that he is learning will allow him to enjoy the arts for a lifetime.

Evan is thinking about auditioning. He is a bit nervous, LOL!