Private Lesson Policy

Private lessons may be scheduled for 15 minutes to 1-½ hours.

Lessons may be scheduled 7 days a week, limited by the availability of studio space and teacher’s availability.

In the event that a student will be unable to attend their scheduled time, a 12-hour notice must be given to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. In such an event the student must call Cleveland City Dance at 216-295-2222 as soon as possible so a message can be forwarded to the instructor.

Payments for Private Lessons

Payment is due at the beginning of each private lesson unless a monthly account has been set up with the instructor and the front office. Rate includes studio space fee.

Tuition Rates:

  • 15 minutes - $15
  • 30 minutes - $30
  • 45 minutes - $50
  • 1 hour - Starting at $55/hour to $85/hour
  • Courtney J. Laves-Mearini - $90/hour
  • Andrea Blankstein-Otloski- $80/hour
  • Mark Otloski- $80/hour
  • April Hirsh- $65/hour
  • Erin Pennebaker - $55/hour
  • Jason Wang- $65/hour

Choreography rate for performance

$300 for 3-minute choreography includes 1-hour lesson

NOTE: All dances choreographed by the Cleveland City Dance teachers are property of the choreographer and CCD. The choreography may only be performed with the consent of the choreographer and CCD.

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