Advancement and Placement

Each student is advanced at the discretion of the director and faculty at CCD while keeping the student’s best interest in mind. Class placement is based on age, physical strength and development due to the rigorous physical and mental training required for a dance education. Students are promoted according to their individual progress in acquiring technique and strength.

New students ages nine and up are evaluated to determine placement level. SEE AUDITION INFORMATION.

Ballet I students must be 8 years of age by Sept. 1 of the current school year. All students must complete a full year at each level regardless of age. Many students will stay in a level for two to three years. It is highly recommended that a student takes a minimum of two classes a week. Placement for the following academic year is announced the last week of April during Observation Week.

The Lower Division (ages 3-6) is made up of two levels, Preschool Ballet and Pre-ballet, and is taught once a week for 45-minutes.

Once students enter Beginning Ballet (ages 7 and up), classes increase to one-hour a week and students must demonstrate a greater discipline and focus throughout classes and an aptitude for ballet and the ability to progress more rapidly in strength, line, artistry and technique. The students are evaluated solely by their ability, discipline, drive, focus and work in class and rehearsal. Understanding and developing the “line” is key to advanced placement work as is a willingness to accept, apply, and retain corrections.

Ballet II, Intermediate level students ages 10 and older are invited for the first time to audition to become a member of the non-profit City Ballet of Cleveland. Adding jazz and modern to their curriculum and progression of levels allows for the development of a strong, versatile dancer.

Ballet III female students are invited to begin Pre-pointe classes and Saturday conditioning class. They must be taking ballet three times a week. Pointe work is quite rigorous and requires greater strength in turn-out, ankle strength and alignment.

Ballet IV and higher, is the pre-professional division. At this level the young student has the greatest potential for securing technical strengths, musical sensitivity and artistic awareness. Pre-professional ballet classes with additional enrichment activities enhance the student experience. Only students who are physically able, technically qualified and uniquely dedicated to pursuing a rigorous course of study are recommended. The teacher works meticulously on each student’s individual dance needs, while closely coaching each student in technique and performance skills.

Structured dance training teaches life lessons and can prepare serious students for professional careers in dance, healthy college experiences and work carriers. Classes and performances promote the success of dancers both technically and artistically through high-quality ballet instruction. In return, company dancers are asked to bring a love of classical ballet, a dedication to their training, a desire to perform, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Good, healthy practices and injury prevention are promoted.

Company dancers receive the following benefits in addition to their training:

  • Master classes with international guest teachers
  • Intensive dance training
  • Frequent performance opportunities throughout the year
  • Attendance at the annual Festivals

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