Jazz Classes

Jazz Classes are based on the technique seen on Broadway and in the LA scene. The training is based on growing from a strong ballet background emphasizing dynamic movements and passion. Jazz incorporates strong passionate acting skills. As all dance classes, students are placed on ability.

Each age group/class continually learns dance while developing coordination, rhythm, and terminology while improving posture, strength, self-esteem, and social interactions. The classes balance seriousness and fun.

  • NEW! Jazz & Tap Combo for ages 3-5 with 30 minutes of jazz & 30 minutes of tap
    Designed to focus on improving coordination, listening and motor skills with musical awareness in a creative dance environment building jazz and tap technique and acting skills seen on the Broadway stage. Taught by: Lori Simplican.
  • Beginning jazz for ages 6-9
    Works on placement, fundamentals for turns and jumps, musicality and weight transitions while connecting movement phrasing and building jazz terminology.
  • NEW! MUSICAL THEATER (for ages 8-16) – Theatre and dance go hand in hand. It is even important for performers to have nice lines and body movement. This class melds together dance and performance techniques. Half the class is focused on basic ballet and jazz foundations and the other half of the class is focused on learning/picking up choreography in different styles of dance. Students are expected to adopt the character that the particular piece requires. The combinations come from a wide array of musicals such as The Wiz, Mary Poppins, The Tap Dance Kid and many more. Musical productions that come to Cleveland also inspire the type of dances we perform in class. Taught by: Lori Simplican.
  • Jazz I for ages 9-14, with previous experience
    Builds on work from beginning jazz while building additional strength and better balance and coordination of movements increasing terminology and increasing coordination working toward turns and jumps.
  • Jazz II for ages 12-16
    Working on increasing strengths developed in previous levels adding more variety in jumps while increasing terminology and creating more artistic individual expression.
  • Jazz III for ages 13-and up; by placement only and must also be taking ballet
    A strong ballet background is necessary. Work on building more strength and flexibility from previous levels and working toward more difficult coordinated turns and jump sequences while developing more freedom in movement and expression.
  • Teen/Adults Jazz for ages 12 and up
    For Beginners and Musical Theater students without formal dance training.
  • Lyrical
    Pre-requisite is to be in Ballet III or Higher and Jazz II or Higher. The technique in lyrical will build upon ballet and jazz techniques and work with mature themed concepts. The students will work on conveying a motivation or meaning through their dancing.

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