Frequently Asked Questions About Classes at CCD

1. What ages does Cleveland City Dance (CCD) teach?

2. When does CCD accept new registration?

3. How can I register?

4. Can I enroll once a session has begun? What is the cut off date for registration?

5. How can I receive a current or future brochure mailed to me?

6. Do you have boys in classes?

7. What benefits does dance offer mentally and physically?

8. Will I be the oldest in class?

9. Will a beginning teenager or adult be placed in class with young children?

10. Can I take a free trial class?

11. Can I just drop into a class when it is convenient?

12. Will you start a “waiting list” and how does that work?

13. Will you start a new class if other classes are filled or if we have a group needing a different time?

14. What if I do not see what I am looking for on your schedule?

15. I see you have a weekly Level II-V morning ballet class from 10:00am-11:30 (this is an intermediate level). Does that class include professionals? May I take the class and what level is taught?

16. May I observe class before enrolling?

17. Once my child enrolls, am I allowed to watch them during class?

18. Do you limit the size of classes?

19. What do you recommend for my child who is not interested in ballet?

20. What is modern dance?

21. What is jazz dance?

22. Why is ballet recommended for jazz and modern dancers?

23. What type of hip-hop do you teach?

24. Why is jazz recommended for hip-hop dancers?

25. Why is ballet recommended for tap dancers?

26. How do I know what courses are appropriate for me to enroll in when I arrive?

27. How can I be certain my child is placed in the appropriate class level?

28. What is the difference between preschool ballet, pre-ballet, and beginning ballet?

29. When will I know it is time to progress to the next level?

30. How does one make-up a class?

31. Is there a performance at the end of the academic school year?

32. You mentioned the City Ballet of Cleveland. How can a dancer join?

33. My child is serious about a career in dance? What do you recommend?

34. Do you offer private lessons?

35. What are the policies at CCD?

36. Why is there a dress code?

37. Can I purchase a class card and how does that work?

38. Where do I park?

39. Do you teach social dances such as ballroom, tango, or salsa?

Last updated: February 12 2021

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