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7 Valuable Life Lessons You Learn From Dancing

Photo-dancers forming heart shapeThe dance studio can become a second home, a part of your heart. Through all the shows including the open houses, outreaches at area schools, costumes, make-up, hairspray, injuries and friendships both on and off the stage you can learn things about yourself and about life.

Some of these lessons will help you in the future.

  1. You will learn the importance of hard work and dedication. To be completely dedicated to something will including no “skipping” classes or rehearsals to hang out with your friends, or to go to that party — dance can come first, and you will still have time with your friends after class or rehearsals.
  2. You will push your limits. Your teachers will never want to see you fail. They will challenge you to go where you do not realize you can go, to achieve that which you cannot imagine. When you fall, we will pick you up. When you make a mistake, we will help you figure out how to get better. Falling is a part of life as well as getting back up to move forward.
  3. You will understand the importance of perseverance and discipline. For instance, you may not have the perfect feet (neither did I), but we will guide you to have the opportunity to study pointe if that is your desire. If you have a dream you will work daily with all your teachers to be the best dancer. You can achieve your fullest potential.
  4. You will understand humility. To be humble and gracious after wins and applaud all of those around you for their willingness to try. You will understand that the only person you should compete with is yourself and to strive to overcome obstacles and continue to grow. You will begin to know that what truly matters is performing to your personal best every day.
  5. You can learn from others around you. You will understand how to look to others for inspiration and insight without begrudging what appears to be easy for them. Willingness to see how others can help us through life is part of the challenge.
  6. You will appreciate the importance of teamwork. Everyone one needs to be giving their all every time or else the entire ensemble suffers. To think about others and not just yourself all the time will carry you far and open many friendships.
  7. You will find how amazing life can be due to your passion. Love what you do, and that passion will motivate you to push forward when it becomes difficult. You can preserve!

Dance can be a passion, hobby, and sport. It can be a part of your heart and soul, a need like water to drink and air to breath. You will have a family of friends throughout your life like yourself who will eat, drink, sleep, and breathe dance.


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