Children’s Lower Levels

Preschool Ballet (Ages 3 and up; once per week)

Current class offerings

Children learn the structure and discipline of a ballet class setting while improving listening skills, coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and spatial awareness. Props are used as aids in learning classroom etiquette and respect for others, music awareness and expression, and spatial awareness along with basic ballet terminology. Must be potty trained.

Jazz Tap combo (Ages 4-5; once per week; not available 2020-2021 school year)

Designed to focus on improving coordination, listening and motor skills with musical awareness in a creative dance environment building jazz and tap technique and acting skills seen on the Broadway stage using. Must we potty trained.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 5 and up; once or twice per week)

Current class offerings

Children explore both the creative and physical dimensions of ballet fundamentals while gaining greater awareness of music, rhythm, and movement. Activities are designed to develop strength, coordination, creative thinking, and expression. Children refine motor skills and listening skills through classroom activities. They further develop an understanding of the structure and discipline of a ballet class setting while building better focus and poise.

Beginning Ballet (Ages 7 and up; once or twice per week)

Current class offerings

Young dancers are introduced to increased structure and discipline, music awareness, greater focus, more ballet terminology and steps, and stage direction. Students will begin to use the ballet barre. This is the first year the young dancers will be performing on a professional stage during the Spring Concert and may audition in September for City Ballet of Cleveland’s  Uniquely Cleveland Nutcracker performances for December.

Boys’ Beginning Ballet (Ages 7-10; additional ballet class recommended during the week)

This class is taught by a male teacher building on specific strength and movement qualities necessary for male dancers while bringing boys together in a positive environment building mutual camaraderie. The class includes gentle stretching, coordinating movements while instilling knowledge and use of the basic ballet vocabulary and gaining awareness of correct posture and proper turn-out, increasing balance and weight transference. This class works on continually building coordination and strength, listening and social skills, and musicality

Beginning Jazz (Ages 7-9)

Current class offerings

Works on placement, fundamentals for turns and jumps, musicality and weight transitions while connecting movement phrasing and building jazz terminology. It is recommended students also take ballet to build strength.

Beginning Tap (Ages 6-9)

Current class offerings

Its musicality and precise footwork is beneficial for students in musical theater. Tap technique includes center technique, rhythm sequences, progressions and choreography focusing on the clarity of movement and sound. It is recommended students also taking jazz.

Beginning Hip Hop (Ages 7-10)

Current class offerings

Hip-Hop adds urban moves to jazz technique in an energetic face-paced setting as seen in music videos of today and hip concerts incorporating acting with more attitude. Students will learn the fundamentals and strengthening techniques such as body isolations, breaks and dynamic moves. It is recommended students also take jazz.

Children’s Beginning Modern (Ages 6-9)

Current class offerings

No prerequisite is required. An introduction to the basic elements of modern dance including using the ground, making shapes with the body, elements of exploring space and utilizing our most basic movement impulses, such as breathing, walking, running, hopping, and leaping.

Musical Theater A (Ages 8-12)

Current class offerings

Theatre and dance go hand in hand. It is even important for performers to have nice lines and body movement. This class melds together dance and performance techniques. Half the class is focused on basic ballet and jazz foundations and the other half of the class is focused on learning/picking up choreography in different styles of dance. Students learn to adopt the character that the particular dance requires. The combinations come from a wide array of musicals such as The Wiz, Mary Poppins, The Tap Dance Kid and many more. Musical productions that come to Cleveland also inspire the type of dances we perform in class. 

Last updated: September 03 2020

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