Teen and Adult Classes


Beginning Adult Ballet (Ages 14 and older)

For students with no previous ballet experience or for those returning to ballet after several years away. Students will be introduced to the basic arm and leg positions, the concept of turnout and developing coordination through simple exercises at the barre and in the center.

Adult Ballet I (Ages 16 and older)

For those who have completed 1-2 years of Beginning Ballet in the past year and for individuals needing a refresher course after several years away from dancing. This class will help students build additional strength and increase technical vocabulary. The vocabulary is increased through longer combinations at the barre and the center. The concepts of turning, adagio and petit allegro are introduced as students develop their knowledge of ballet vocabulary. The goal is to move on to the Intermediate levels.

Adult Ballet II (Intermediate)

For students who have completed at least one year of the Adult Ballet I class or have had at least 2-3 years of prior ballet experience. Additional technical challenges include new vocabulary, increased physical coordination and strength, and refinement of ones’ musicality and artistry. Barre work includes balances in all positions, turning and port de bras. Centre work includes the use of the body directions in combinations and building of grand allegro (large traveling jumps). Adults at this level may also take Ballet II in the student division. 

Adult Ballet III (Intermediate) 

For students with a complete knowledge of barre and center work, or who have completed the Ballet II level. More complex combinations of steps are introduced, and classes are taught at a faster pace. At a Level III you may take Level II or Level III student classes

Therapeutic Ballet (Beginner)

For students with little to no experience wishing to delve into comprehension of balletic movement including breaking down the steps. Class also incorporates additional stretching and strengthening exercises using a resistance band (Thera-band).

Therapeutic Ballet I

For students with experience wishing to delve into greater comprehension of balletic movement including breaking down the steps. Class also incorporates additional stretching and strengthening exercises using a resistance band (Thera-band).

Level II-IV Ballet

This morning ballet class is available for dancers at various ages at an open intermediate to advance level. Dance with adults, pre-professionals, visiting professional dancers, and touring ensembles.


Strength & Toning with Pilates

Based on the classical Pilates series of mat exercises, which focuses on developing and maintaining dynamic core strength while increasing flexibility and lengthening muscles. Emphasis is placed on developing a healthy awareness of posture and breath supporting the flow and efficiency of movement. Therabands and light weights may be incorporated for greater resistance training. Like many training techniques, consistency is key. In a month you will begin seeing results like people who take ballet classes consistently.


Teen/Adult Hip-Hop

Adds urban moves to jazz technique in an energetic face-paced setting as seen in music videos of today and hip concerts incorporating acting with more attitude. Students will learn the fundamentals and strengthening techniques such as body isolations, breaks and dynamic moves. 

Teen/Adult Jazz
(for beginners to those with two- years of recent experience)

Jazz dance is based on the technique seen on Broadway and in the LA scene. The training is based on growing from a strong ballet background emphasizing dynamic movements and passion. Jazz incorporates strong passionate acting skills.

Teen/Adult Modern
(for beginners to those with up to two years of recent experience)

Modern dance emphasizes the exploration of our most basic movement impulses, such as breathing, walking, running, hopping, and leaping. Students will develop the means for individual expression and seek inner motivation for movement. Through floorwork exercises and movements across the floor, students will improve flexibility and strength in the hips and core muscles while exploring rhythmic, spatial and performance challenges.

Teen/Adult Tap
(for beginners to those with up to two years of recent experience)

Tap was created in the United States. Its musicality and precise footwork is beneficial for students in musical theater. Tap technique includes center technique, rhythm sequences, progressions and choreography focusing on the clarity of movement and sound.

Advance Tap by tap teacher recommendation


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